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Cooking classes 

If you're interested in classes, head over to Skillshare where we help you to tune out to the outer world for a while with two series. One entitled 'Cooking at Home', where we'll be cooking simple, imaginative dishes with the emphasis on economy, nutrition and health and the other 'Vacation at Home' with its focus on 'food to set the mood' - recipes inspired by our love of travel to help you to imagine your dream vacation and get immersed in the colors and flavors of faraway lands.

  • Next class coming soon 'Cooking from the Pantry: Rice'
  • Cooking from the Pantry

    A taste of some the dishes in this series includes: Middle Eastern style Lentil Patties, Lentils with Chorizo and Pimenton, a One Pot Chickpea Chicken Roast with Prunes, Tomatoes and Thyme and a Chickpea Granola, Raspberry Vegan Dessert.

    More dishes from the classes

    Herby Re-fried Bean Cakes, Vegan Chocolate Bean Pie, Tropical Island Salad with Avocado, shredded Chicken and Coconut dressing, Shrimp Cakes with Mango Chutney.

    Cooking Library

    Here you'll be able to search ingredients and recipes, you'll be able to shop the library for recipe cards, ebooks, videos, mini-recipe collections, zines and more.

    Diary from Andalucia

    Sometimes there's something to write about, perhaps a small everyday miracle in nature or what we've been up to behind the scenes or even just to record the eagles circling overhead or the frogs singing on a sunny afternoon - we've teamed up with wildoriginstore where you can link to our blog.

    Video shorts

    We'll be showcasing some of these quick, fun videos on IGTV and you'll also be able to download these via the Cooking Library.

    Books for Cookbook Lovers

  • L Plates, recipes to inspire the beginner, a cooking therapy antidote for our increasingly screen based lives.
  • Vegan Pure, fresh, clean and light, getting the most out of simple ingredients with imaginative dishes.
  • Hitched, focuses on the loving, sharing nature of food with over fifty classic recipes for two.
  • Baby and Me, inspires more vitality and energy for mothers to be or for those already looking after a baby.
  • Vacation at Home - the Series

    In the pipeline, ebooks and collectibles with more inspired recipes to set the mood. Imagine your dream vacation and with the help of a few props to set the scene, some relaxing music and great food you can escape for a few hours immersing yourself in the flavors and colors of faraway lands.


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